Cube texture

hi there,
I’m kinda starting to use vvvv and I was wondering how it was possible to use 6 different video texture’s on each side of a cube?.

Thanks and happy new year :)

hello guest , read this
and this
i made the cube xfile in blender


hi colorsound and thank you for the reply
I looked at those links and try to do the same thing
but the problem is what i want to do is to have different
videos on different sides of the cube it works for images
but when i use file stream they the videos are all positioned on the same side of the cube.
I want to be able to choose sides to project my videos
any ideas?


hi guest

Uploading your patches it,s a good thing to do as we can understand what your problem is better.

I imagine that your are trying to load many videos to one filestream ,which end up , just loding one because it is not spreadable , see attached patch , i think this is a posible way to do it .

Loading 6 videos at a time may cause your computer slow ¡¡ (4.3 kB)