CTRL+K to search and navigate between docs/patches

Hello all,

I see the CTRL + K shortcut being used more and more on online services (Slack, Notion, Element, Github) to “find stuff” : in Notion it allows you to search pages by their name/content and navigate to them, on Slack/Element you can jump to a room, on Github you can search in repos and organizations, etc…

They all show this sort of text-box HUD that allows you to search for something and displays results as you type. When you see the result you’re after, simply press enter and the thing takes you there.

It would be great to have such a thing on vvvv to replace the CTRL + F and CTRL + SHIFT + F shortcuts, and find/jump to things in a more friendly way :)

Now I know the big UI rework is not on the menu yet, but hey, just saying…



edit : yes I know CTRL+K is already used :)

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If I may add something else to the shortcut wishlist:
Selecting a pad and hitting F2 would be great for renaming it, similar to the file/folder rename action in windows explorer…
Really missing this.


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