A couple of things:

.I may be missing something here, but how do I set the subpatch name when ctrlging?

.why isn t it listed in ui reference ?

you can set the subpatch name when saving?

??? how?.. no text …

Save As / Shift+Ctrl+S

… ok I was trying to save the subpatch AFTER saving the parent patch so I ended up with 2 copies of the subpatch. So a middle click in the subpatch node and save as, as mentioned above will do.
Still it would be nice to be prompted for a subpatch name at ctrl-g.

Save on create… don’t like to get forced to save, but when you create a subppatch, you are beyond fooling around.

Asking for a name at creation time isn’t the same as ‘forcing to save’, in my opinion. To me this looks like a legitimate request.

Yep I was thinking about this again and the way it is implemented right now seems to me a bit awkward, when creating a subpatch, I assume that more than 50% of the times you are going to save it and to want to give it a proper naming. Not really about how it should be, any idea?

Asking for the name at create time would slow one down quite considerably, I think.
What would be better is to ask for saving under a new name the first time the patch should be saved (e.g. do not allow to save under the default Somepatch-1.v4p name).

btw i dont use ctrl + g just because i cant name it, its just easier to make new patch and save it with name i want

@herbst: that s exactly what I was thinking about, could be improved tough, what about Ctrl-Alt/G to be asked for nameing against Ctrl/G for normal grouping?

@Stix : not really so confy if you have a lot of IOs connections

hm…seems i can’t follow…
the idea:

  • you’re working in a big patch that is already saved (ie. already has a name, still of course can be * modified at the moment).
  • then you ctrl+g some nodes
  • then you either press ctrl+s immediately (in which case vvvv will allow you to save-as the newly created subpatch) or you just continue patching and at any later point decide to save the subpatch


But if you create more suppatches in 1 patch, and than you save the main patch again, it gets really messy because than you have multiple patches that are named Somepatch-1.v4p and Somepatch-2.v4p, and you have to make sure you click ‘save-as’, hope to remember what patch does what etc…

Forced save on create, if this was a democracy we could vote about it!! ;)

I would still love the idea to be able to create subpatches inside another patch (in the same file), like private functions in object-oriented programming.

(Even public functions would be possible, allowing 1 file to expose multiple small ‘functions’.)

without this feature gets harder to principle middle and end to a project.live with Ctrl-g.