Ctrl-g feature

thanks for super ctrl-g (need to change my tattoo from ctrl-b))
but seems it has some limits? i open an huge patch, select random part and ctrl-g it. sometime it works somtime it’s not but only creats empty subpatch. is there a limit of number of input-output pins?
is there a limit of group subpatches?
is there other limits?


hello bo,

there should be no limits of that kind. so you found a bug.
can you describe what kind of nodes/connections are involved when its creating an empty patch? or can you upload a test patch and tell us what to group to reproduce the error?

i have same empty ctrl-g supbatch with girlpower (NODE10) patch.
i selected a part of primitives subpatch

and press ctrl-g.

new subpatch calls prmitives-4 because i tried it 3 times before)

01:14:58 ERR : error message: Access violation at address 006A7127 in module ‘vvvv.exe’. Read of address 00000000

I’ve been getting occasional errors, once it breaks it no longer works till restart.
Haven’t come up with a foolproof demo yet, but heres the errors anyway…
I do love this feature though!

vvvv.exe-exception-2012-04-12.txt (32.4 kB)

thanks for the reports. with bo27’s demo i found one: when the selection includes a labeled iobox that is connected in its parentpatch the refactoring fails.

so please now check if there is a labeled&connected(inparentpatch) iobox involved when it fails or if there are other cases as well…

oui, the one reported by bo27 is now fixed. please check latest alpha and report more troubles when found.

hi joreg. thanks! this variation of the bug is fixed for me.

but i still have same looking bug in my huge patches… looking for a simple illustration - can not reduce hole patch here at the moment.

i can not reduce bug pointed in previous post. so let say it’s fixed for me, but it would be nice if someone could test it again with huge patches, contains subpatches in subfolders. thanks.

I like :)