Ctl+g can have the patch window behind the task bar

When you ctrl+g a bunch of nodes, a couple of times Ive had the window for the patch, appear behind the task bar, which is a bit annoying! Obviously you can move the task bar and grab it, but a nicer solution would be for it not to do it!
I think someone suggested a function to bring a window to your mouse, which could be done with set patch I suppose, but a native function for doing so would be good, I’ve had times where windows appear behind fullscreen renderers when I’ve been working on patches on different pc’s with different screen set-ups, it might be a nice productivity thing anyway with large screens?


Move active window to cursor ++
Put an end to editing xml to get back lost windows/renderers.

Big issue when working in a team with different screen setups and people forget to move stuff back to main screen.

uk i see this happens when you ctrl+g on a patch that is scrolled of origin…noted…

finally fixed. a newly grouped patch will now the first time it is opened always open at the mouse-cursor. check latest alpha.