Cross (Spectral) is missing

From b35.5_x86 and b35.8_x64.
I looked into changelogs (both vvvv and addonpack), but the node does not seem to be mentioned.
In b34.2_x86 the node is there, pointing to a dll in addonpack; the more recent versions point to vvvv.nodes.dll, into which I can’t find it (with that name at least).
So, has the node been removed? Has been substituted?

@woei do you have any recollection of why we’ve set the Cross (Spectral) to being legacy? we did it when moving your vectorsized nodes to core but the commit doesn’t say why… we must have talked about this?!

@joreg that was quite some time ago…
i think, the decision at that time was, that velcrome had released a contribution, which was more versatile because it could take spreads with different sizes per dimension. due to the one pin input the cross spectral could only create crosses with equal sidelengths. and i reckon we guessed, that noone is using cross spectral anyways

@woei which contribution by @velcrome are you referring to?


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