Creepy working Feedbackloop

Hey vvvvolks,

what you see is my solution to get Information from a Spread and set it to another Spread. This piece of Programming works for me. But I have a little Problem to think in Spreads. What I want is the input from Arduino Pins 2-6 and Set this to the output of pins 8-12 to control 5 LEDs. If I trigger the first Button the Signal after Stallone goes to slice 0,7,8,15,16. I tried it with Setslice and played arround with Zip with no working effect. The best result I get is this. What am I doing wrong?


Feedbackloop.v4p (13.9 kB)

Some stuff you are doing wrong here, the Stallone node you are using is not meant to be used like that. The Spreadcount pin isn’t spreadable, If you hoover above the output, you will see (8), and that means it outputs 8 values, and that is the FISRT slice of the spreadcountpin. And that just gets repeated until you have 20 Slices.

The way you are using the getslice node now, is that you just “re-order” the spread, so the 5 buttons come first, you don’t want the rest, only the 5 buttons.

The Framedelay you are using now does nothing more than just delay the values from the getslice for 1 vvvv frame, I am not sure why you want to do this, check my little tutorial on the framedelay node. So it has no use there.

I attached an example for you. Hope it helps, if anything is unclear, please ask again, will try and help where I can. :)

Get And Set.v4p (20.8 kB)

Thanks a lot!
The framedelay is needed to loop it back in Arduino to set the LEDs. Whitout it it won’t work I think.