Creative commons croatia

Free Culture Festival
Zagreb, Jan 12-15, 2005

To promote free/open content production and licensing and to mark the official launch of Croatian Creative Commons licenses

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i’m prepareing a compilation of video clips made with vvvv that i plan to release on this label and will post here when done so you can get it… will include patches too.
if some of vvvvfans are interested in creating this kind of release on egoboo label, please send mail to:

hope that i’m free to include the patches???


hey, you´re absolutely free to include the patches… no problem.

just please dont include vvvv itself, but let people download from this site. while vvvv is free for all noncommercial usage, for commercial work a license is required. in cc speak we are very likely to give the final vvvv a attribution/noncommercial/sharealike license but there seems to be no three-letter-compatible “open” or “free” license for that right now…

ok, i will include patches…
it would be great to have a software on the cd, but what can i do… i’m glad that i can experiment with this great piece of software.
i’ll put a link to the download area. and if you want, send you a copy of the release when done