Creating String Spread

First of all sorry for spamming the forum with my dumbass questions :]


Im trying to automatically create a spread like the left table. Where everytime I click on one of the Add buttons it adds the corresponding string at the top of the table. So press Add Hi - Hi gets added to 0 and the rest move down 1 and the spread gets one bigger. Is something like this possible ? I tried to build a sort of loop with CONS S+H and framedelay but it got sorta messy and didnt really work.

Stack operation over here

You can do this with queue, you add one to the queue size every time you add a new entry.


I’m missing something here, the slices get added but the values all change to the string I have as input. Is there any way to “lock” the rest ?

Create String Spread .v4p (17.9 KB)

looki here:
StringQueue.v4p (11.9 KB)

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Alright, Im now realising I need to bang more things and will try to do so in the future ! Thanks bjoern

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