Creating old school equalizer

Hey there.

Freaking around with some vj patching these days I go crazy trying to achieve something like an old school equalizer:
I want to do that with phong shaded boxes. Tried several approaches but so far I always ended up in a dead end.

I know that this cannot be so hard! I’d really appreciate some push into the right direction.


maybe that patch helps you.
it is just one channel split to two bars.
and i guess there are better solutions ;)


equalizer.v4p (11.7 kB)

Well my aim is to keep it as open as possible so that I’m able to change x and y resolution of the bars by just changing numbers in an IO Box. Means I’d like to use only one transform node with some spread magic before it.

Sometimes I’m astonished at my own blindness.
If anyone’s interested: BarSpread is my friend…

great job! anyone knows how to split the audio signal into different frequencies and represented graphically in a few bars? Thanks very much!

Here yo go

fft-spread.v4p (5.8 kB)