Creating objects like in an array

hi guys
pretty shure this is a very easy to solve issue: how can I create multiple objects like an array e.g. in Processing. For example if I want to create a new segment for every time I press a key. Are spreads, stalloning and setslice sufficient for that? It would also be nice to be able to delete several segments after a certain time.
Thanks in advance and regards

look at queue ringbuffer
and I think @kalle)) or ((user:woei did a add/remove slices spread builder
A spread is an array…
also monobuf-and-monodata might help
as might eno’s dictionary in contributions

Have a look at Store (Spreads), Store (Transform) and
this thread:

Thanks, that was very helpful! We started working with the MonoBuf. But the problem now is the switch, which seems to allow only one value. In fact we are searching for some kind of a PolyBuf, where we can input multiple values.