Creating new layers and objects 2d/3d dynamically?

This might have been asked before so forgive me if I’m being redundant:)

I have dome some searching around and the web but have not found specific tutorials/solutions to the below questions.

Is there a way to do the following:

1. Dynamically add new layers in the group node
I am aware of CreateNode but Im interested in further examples of
this feature.

2. Dynamically create new 2d/3d objects from a file or by user imput.
Not sure if this could be done with spreads or not. Example"user presses a button and an object is created or deleted.

3. Save current user session(# of objects with their x,y,z positions, to a file for later use.

Any sugguestions / guidance is greatly appriciated!



It is not advisable to use Createnode to add nodes in your patches.
Normaly objects, layers, whatevers, are turned off or moved out of the renderer when not needed.

I think you are missing the point about spreads here. If a user presses a button, and you want to show that as an extra quad (example), just increase the spreadcount of the thing that makes the quads. (see patch)

You can not save and load running patches exactly like they are when running. Best example is an LFO, this will always start with 0 cycles when you create it, or when a patch is loaded that contains one. It doesn’t mather if it is saved on cycle 433121. So to do this, you must prepare you patches to have an “initial” state, and be able to extract the values you need when you save them to, for example, a separate textfile. So yes you can save it, but not by simple saving the patch, you need to build your own load and save mechanism. We use reader and writer nodes for that.

SpaceCounter.v4p (8.9 kB)

Thank you Westbam for the informative reply!

The reason I was looking at spreads is that they are arrays and I know with traditional programming you can load your data into an array and then go from there.

I figured I could insert the saved data into spread slices as needed then passing the data from the spread to the various nodes.

I will experiment with the reader and writer nodes.

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