Creating DX11 Box

Hello folks,

I’pretty stuck with geometry (once again). All I’m trying, is to make a box, just like the dx11 primitive. But my geometry is scrambled, and I can’t figure out, which coordinates to feed in for the uvs. For the geometry-cracks in the community this shouldn’t be a hard task, I guess.



Here’s the patch, actually all I need is some help with the UV-Coordinates

create-dx11-box.v4p (22.6 kB)

come on… that can’t be too hard…



Okay… I found an annoying solution, not with IndexedGeometryBuffer, but with GeometryBuffer instead. Contains a lot of manual Get- and SetSlicing. Here it is. If anybody comes up with a better Solution, I still would love to get some hints.


Alex (7.6 kB)

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ConstnatOffsets.rar (2.4 kB)

hey anthokhio,

thanks for the help. I’m so scared of shader programming, that it didn’t even come to my mind. That’s good idea. With your solution any geometry could be modified. Would you happen to know a way, where you just need to modify one point to move all connected vertices? Or would you do that vvvv?



Hi u can try adding this to ur previous patch but i haven’t yet found any simple solution concerning ur question…

trilerpstuff.v4p (17.3 kB)

Why don’ t you just create your box and UV mapping in a 3D edit program like Blender?

have a look at @colorsound))s great contrib here: ((contribution:dx11-modules-and-shaders-addition-ii

i’m not sure it’s up to date, but at least you should see how to split, join write or read dx11 geometry iirc.