Creating big images from

new site is vvvvery nice!
i was wandering if there is a way to automate the proces of creating this large image from images made with Writer(EX9.TextureGrid)?
i think php could do it, but there must be something else…
is it posible to create sutch action in photoshop?
right now i have no idea…
or i should look for something else?


What do you mean with automate?

I had once a prototype of the GridRenderer that could export high res animations. It’s really quite easy: The Module thakes one frame per part of the image. So if you want to render 5x5 pieces, it will take 25 frames for the whole image.

Keeping that in mind makes it possible to control an animation. But the image generation patch neeeds to be modified to allow such control (lfos need to be stopped while one image is rendered for example)

i am using the inage browser xnview, that allows to stitch images together. it does it only in seperate steps horizontally and verticaly, but its pixel accurate and very easy.
i didnt find an automated solution yet, but photoshop is definitely not the easies way.

think that eno understands me, i’m lookink for a software that will automate the proces of recereating the image that was break in a grid while saving in vvvv via your grid modul. i know you made it and i’m just curious if someone has some better method.

i’ll try XnView couse manual photoshop method is a killer!
thnx eno!

XnView is great!

Create>Strip of images>
then create horizontal panoramas (using horizontal adjustment)and connect all horizontals using vertikal adjustment.
that’s it!

download the “stitcher” from my diploma page (
I’ve written the tool with an collegue of mine especially for this task:

that’s it!
muchos gracias ampop!