Creating a Spread<Bangs> or Spread<Presses> requires (unnecessary) extra steps


Again me with some bugs related to Spread<Boolean>.
Happens with 2022.5.0-0582 (probably all 2022.5.0 versions) and also 2021.4.12.

  1. If you create a Bang IOBox and then try to set it to a Spread<Boolean>, it usually means you want a Spread<Bangs>. Unfortunately, we get a Spread<Toggles>. Same with Press.


  1. If you set a number of slices to a Spread<Boolean>, and then change Button Mode, Spread is reset to 0 slices.


Those two behaviors are quite annoying when you want to create a Spread<Bangs> or Spread<Presses>, because then you experience both bugs in a row. Do you thing it could be fixed?

I also find out that you can’t create an IOBox with Double Right Click when recording a GIF. You can actually see that in the 1st one above, I am using Double Left Click → IOBox to create one because of that. Double Right Click is completely cancelled in whole patch, not only in the recorded frame.
It’s mostly an issue when you have to record GIF to report issue.
Still we have another way to create an IOBox.

(A GIF recorded with OBS to expose the issue)

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