Creating a random spread for an interactive platform

Hello, I have a question for creating a random spread. We have a big interactive platform with 8 Segments and within the segment are 5 fields.
The fields are supposed to be lit up randomly every beat (one after another).
And each round we want to light up a different field.

The problem is, sometimes the fields for the same segment are repeating. For example in Round 1 Field 3 is chosen, in Round 2 - Field 3 is chosen again.

How can I create a patch to prevent doubles after a round of 8 Segments.

Thanx in advance!

felderauswahl_subpatch_v003.v4p (29.6 kB)

In your case, just bang the random nodes too, and prevent doubles.

You can scale nodes, to make pins more easy to use, and if you repeat the same section of a patch 8 times, it time to look into spreads. But in this case… if it it works it works… It is just going to suck if you get 100 fields ;)

felderauswahl_subpatch_v004.v4p (31.8 kB)

Thank you very much. It works!