Createnode(vvvv) memory leak

Hello devs
I found a memory leak in createnode(vvvv) i think that one was here long time ago but was fixed, well it is here again , the syze of the leak is as big as the syze of the patch loaded with create node , the leak can be reproduce with the help patch of createnode , as well with the help patch the leak is small…
bug is in the last beta , i also tested with beta28.1 with the same issue.

maybe its only the undo history. can you check the same with Undo set to off?

Thx tonfilm , no luck with undo disable , leak is still here .

any chance we got a fix for that leak?

hei sanch, it could help if you point us to a version where that worked and then the next version where the leak was (re)introduced.