CreateNode/DeleteNode Suggestions

hi there…

i have a few suggestions concerning “CreateNode”/“DeleteNode”.

Creating new nodes works fine, but how can you identify their IDs from within the patch to remove them?

At the moment i create a fixed number of empty patches and replace them with my subpatches vith two “CreateNode”.
But this way i cant really create new nodes, because i dont know their id`s to remove/replace them with “DeleteNode” or “CreateNode”.

my suggestions:
-“CreateNode” should handle aList with the IDs of the nodes it creates.

-The “DeleteNode” functionality could become an inlet of “CreateNode”. This way you just need node and it handles the list internally…

maybe there are other, better ways to improve the usabilty of this new feature…

cheers ele


at the moment there is now way of knowing ids of newly created nodes. replacing existing nodes is the way to go.
i have also thought about the list approach…which wasn’t so easily implemented…so i left it for now. any other ideas?