CreateNode and Preloading

Hi there,

is there a way to prevent VVVV from getting a hickup when creating a node via CreateNode?! Some kind of preloading?!

I think there is some alternative solutions for node/module switching. What you trying to do?

I built myself a VJ-Tool and I use CreateNode to switch Patches on and off. I have two “Video-Tracks” which I can fade in and out. So I can easily fade one track out, switch to another patch and fade it in again… the only problem is just this short stop when the patch loads.

Hi DIeTapete, usually its the LOADING OF A TEXTURE wich is freezing vvvv. not the creation of spreads or loading of subpatch
send them with S and R and use Getslice (NODE) in your subpatchs to access to them. Hope it may help

Hmm, i found that you already using svvvvitcher. Just use node switching algorithm from this, it will work ok.

helo tapete,

contrary to what the bois mention above i am afraid there is nothing i could think of that would get you rid of those hickups. loading patches just takes its time.

@joreg: so best approach for no hick up is to prepare everything available ? or to have bundle of preset ready to be loaded when nothings happens on video, thats right ?

depends…if you can live with still or black frames in your show it is fine to fade to still/black then load the new patch and start animation again.

else the only way i see is having all patches running and feeding them low spreadcounts and disable their layers as long as they are not needed .

Okay thanks,

so this seems to be one of the “main thread” problems mentioned in the vvvvorward thread i guess.

exactly… no text …

ahhhh… got it ! thanks joreg for this clear explanation and thanks DieTapete to remember me this notion of main thread … so i will continue as usuall…

usually only preloading of patch takes time, and disable layers is not enought, you have to disable everything that counting (lfo’s etc.)

@antokhio That’s the reason why I took the approach via CreateNode. It creates and deletes the subpatches dynamically so you don’t have to disable every single node inside the subpatch.

hum… i m remoting vvvv in artnet, and i have usually a > to zero condition to allow or not quads…

@karistouf I don’t quite understand what you are saying… do you mean, that you disable your patches with a >0 condition?

Would be great if there was still a way to load the patches into the RAM so that the loading issue is gone and the only thing vvvv has to do ist hooking the patch up.

you can do it by using two machines with a DVI mixer between them. Load new patch on machine not outputting.

I m using my whitecat in art net to remote all my patchs. WhiteCat is based on theatre/Dance approach: Cues, times, fades, delay, Go.
so usually in my patch i m “lighting” the alpha of the quads, and this condition, > 0 , is connected to the enable pin of the quad.

@joreg: this is really interresting but well i begin to be confuse about that topic !
yesterday i was performing with a set based on 20 filters running, enabled or not at same time, for one final renderer. There is some spreads, called at some moments. And the vidéo is “all the time” running ( black out are there only to enable that audience dont see certain effects changed, not to erase any trouble ).
I dont have ANY struggle in the image of any kind on this show, no freeze ( enabling quads and spreads, inner renderers for processing effects). The patch is running 30fps background, 25 fps fore ground in Raw. ( i m actually uploading on vimeo will send the link tonight)
I m not using the create node approach.
So i begin to be really confused about this notion of threads: i m not preloading texture or videos in memory, they are loaded on the fly.

Considerations of computers:
on the show i was talking previously in this thread, and that you helped 2 or 3 days ago, i m actually setting up a tower to do last dates and i notice that there is also type of reaction from system depending of the computer:

loading a bundle of spread on the laptop ( asus, seven64b,i7, Nvidia 460M, 4Go Ram) or my tower ( asus, XP32b, Q9000, Ati 5650, 4Gb ram) is not all giving same reactions, despite codecs are the same.

-my laptop is freezing video a little bit on load
-the tower is not all freezing

-Pow2stretch mode changes a lot of things of the filestream reaction when seeking

I have hudge amount of free memory on laptop, really more than on tower, but the tower is more smoother. this for the same patch.
On my laptop videos filestream are freezing at some moment, despite a successfull defragmentation ( not needed in fact, the HDD was new).

My main asking:
Is the freeze really related to multi thread ? why is it a filestream that freeze and not the process in memory like with the camera ?

voilà !

@karistouf, you def got the same codec and splitter for the video you’re playing on those machines? Different splitters give very different seek times?

what format is the video and what codec and splitter are you using?

hi xd, i have definitively same codec pack et no splitter, just output in 1440900 on video projector.
on my laptop the nvidia wasn t furnishing the good resolution for the sanyo, the company was, my tower is ( ATI).
i m classical wmv 1440
900, all format of same type, from sony vegas