Create VL documents from the explorer's context menu


Running this little Powershell script as admin will add a new VL Document entry in the explorer’s New context menu. This means you can create new VL documents directly from the explorer, without having to open vvvv.

Here’s what the script does :

  • Drops an EmptyDocument.vl file in Documents\vvvv. This is the document that will serve as a template.
  • Adds a FriendlyTypeName to .vl files in the registry
  • Creates a ShellNew key and sets its FileName to the EmptyDocument that was created earlier in the registry

If you need to rollback the changes made by this script, here’s what you should do :

  • Delete EmptyDocument.vl in Documents\vvvv
  • Delete FriendlyTypeName in Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.vl
  • Delete Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.vl\ShellNew

Super early version just to see if it works, could be improved later :-)

Had to zip it because the forum would not let me upload a .ps1. (1.3 KB)


that should be native )

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