Create TUIO message

Again i try to restart in vvvv and of course i try gamma ;)

First thing i try is to send mouse position from as TUIO messages. Problem: toOSCmessage Node has an Error. It shows, it has “generic pins”?!

Any idea?

Thx greetings and stay healthy


hey chris, i am afraid the current implementation of tuio does not work together with the preview of the new VL.IO.OSC pack which you have installed.

so in order to have tuio working for now you’ll have to remove the VL.IO.OSC pack again. then sending a TUIO cursor works like this:


So i can’t use the OSC pack in vvvv if i want to send TUIO?

If so: is TUIO on the roadmap for the OSC- pack?

Thx and greetings.


exactly. as of now this is this case. note though, there are also OSC nodes shipping with vvvv that do work. less comfortable to use though.

and yes, TUIO is scheduled to be updated with the new OSC pack.

Hi Joreg

Thx for Info. Will try that.

Is there any official page to see the timeline of the roadmap?

Thx and greetings


@chriss0212 the new tuio nodes are now available, see:

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