Create Stage Performances with NSYNK

Hello Patchers!

For our studio in Frankfurt we are looking for patching support, as freelance and / or full-time position. Both starting now.

Here’s what we do:

We are looking for v4 designers that have a good understanding of space, also in terms of stage design and stage action, animation, timings and design. Lately we have been creating a series of augmented reality shows, or maybe rather realtime ‚films‘, mainly happening around cars.
We also do exhibits and realtime motion graphics, but the AR projects somehow have become a trademark of our work over the past year, and there’s a lot of push towards creating more, and more complex projects of that kind.
So we are looking for people who have a musical feeling, who know about storytelling and animation, and who are skilled in creating beautiful looks and well shaded scenes in v4.

You should be familiar with professional workflows in 2D and 3D production environments.
Knowledge of game engines such as Unity or Unreal is a big plus.

Interested? Please email:

Looking forward!

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