Create silouhette shape

another silouhettes thread :)

contour spits out the xy coordinates of detected shapes. i’m wondering how to create a vertex shape out of these points. connecting arbitrary transform to a grid sort of does the job but as the coordinates are different at every frame the result is somehow quite random. any hint on how to make a steady or slowly morphing shape ?

yes try delaunay with “border” mode unfortunatelly this mode seems to be a bit buggy …

and maybe a linear resampling on x and y to a steady spreadcount helps smoothing the result too.

did resampling…so i’m on the right way :)
cheers for pointing at delaunay…gonna try that. why is there no help file and whats the meaning of the name delaunay ?

Борис Николаевич Делоне invented that algorithm. see Boris Nikolaevich Delaunay and Delaunay Triangulation on Wikipedia