Create LTC Timecode

Hi VVVVser,

sometimes i need to handle stuff with timecode and asked myself if it is possible to produce a ltc timecode output via VVVV.

Im curious for answers :)


you can play back a wav file with LTC and then use Seek to skip as needed

sunep, thanks a lot but this is not what i want to do…
Sometimes its hard to find the right wav file and i want to produce it on my own… I thought vvvv could be the right tool for that or do you know a good way to produce these files ?

Thanks a lot

I used to use nuendo by steinberg to produce the LTC wav file. Then you can have it in the flavour you like. Vvvv by itself can not produce such a file
I’ve used this to make them…

a bit of info on it

hey cat!
that is a great one! thanks a lot!!!

Yesterday, i added an Encoder (Timecode LTC) to Elliots LTC-Nodes here:

The node works so far, but i didn’t have a test setup so i couldn’t check if it’s working.

Would be cool to have feedback from your side.

e: here’s a compiled version

Debug.7z (580.6 kB)

Hey Sebl,
sounds great but unfortunately it did not get it working…
Everything i tried produces red nodes (decoder, encoder, split and join)

Maybe someone can confirm that, or am i doing something wrong ?


no red nodes here but decoder is buggy… wrong time code output
previous (elliot) version was fine
tested with a 30 fps smpte wav file
btw an integration with the new AudioEngine make sense
allowing to route specific channels to specific nodes
eg 1+2, 3+4 to Audio out 5+6 to TimeCode Node!

mhhh where did you put the files? VVVVersion ?