Create Enum


setting up a second CreateEnum causes the second one to pretend there is one more item in list then originally defined. Is this a know bug and if so, is there a workaround?

I came across this as well and forgot to post a bug, using more than 1 custom enum in a patch, seems to work until you reload the patch, then it gets broken !

Yes, that’s exactly what I experienced. Interestingly the “phantom” item always is the one preselected in the first CreateEnum.

NULL (Enumerations) seems to be a “singleton”: means you only can use one. its possible to to create some more enumeration sets but you only can use one of it because of that NULLthing.

Open two instances of the attached patch and try to change things in only one of them. that leads to strange behaviour…

i could use use this feature really often but ATM it is simply too buggy.
would be vvvvery fine to fix the whole enum thing for the next version.
hopefully the honourable vvvvdevs consider this too. when i see the increasing frequency of changes in the change log i think its bug-fixing-time and our chances are good…

BTW: somebody should move this to the bugs forum.

CreateEnum (Enumerations) help.v4p (3.7 kB)


just discovered some hidden configuration pins in CreateEnum (Enumerations) .
i’ll keep you informed