Create a 3D carrousel with images to select / scene switch / interface

Hi guys,

I’m new to vvvv and I’m a little lost.

What I’m trying to create is a 3D carrousel of images. A user can then swipe through the images, then click on one to view it in fullscreen with extra details like “photograph taken by” or a short story on what you’re looking at.

I already created the carrousel, it rotates when you right click on the right or left third of the renderer and the camera zooms in when you right click the center. But it’s not quite what I want.

I’ve got several little problems I came across and now I’m kinda stuck.

  1. How do I make a nice transition from the carrousel to the fullscreen image + interface. Do I have to use a second renderer, do I have to pan the camera to a second scene? If so how? Can I make a nice transition from Scene A to B? What’s the best way to do this?

  2. In a 3D scene, like the one attached in which I change the camera inputs (e.g. Distance), how and where can I put something like an interface? Say the company logo and instructions on how to use the exhibit, so it sticks to the camera?

I’ve attached my current file.

I also tried to add an autorotation after some time in the left corner. But the moment you turn it on the phase get’s screwed up. Maybe someone has a nice idea how to solve that problem as well.

Any help greatly appreciated!

carrousel (15.3 kB)

your patch doesn’t look so bad, especially not for a beginner.

for question 1., the term “nice transition” is too wide to give a concrete answer. depending on what kind of transition you have in mind the patch would work differently. but you don’t need to pan the camera to somewhere else, its fine how you did it.

for 2., here its more appropriate to use a second renderer with the 2d interface in it. then a final renderer would blend the two together. but there are other ways, you could use the Billboard or the Within nodes if you want to keep everything in one renderer.

in general its good to think in photoshop like layers and use one renderer per layer render into a texture and a final renderer to combine them all. (14.7 kB)