Crazy render output when too much polygons?

Hello guys,
i am pretty new to vvvv and just trying and learning.
I am bit confused of an issue i ran into.

I was playing with the attractor node.
I began with the helppatch and modified it.
In the attached patch there are spheres and pillows
generated with a random spread.
All looks good till i increase the spread count
or sphere resolution to a certain point.
I think there are too many polygons? and the rendered
image gets totally messed up with strange lines and stuff.
My CPU (quad) is chilled by 15% or so. So what is happening,
and how can i solve this?
My graphic card is radeon 4870, so should be powerful too.
when i turn on debug mode, my sphere nodes turn
brownish color when the renderer gets messed up.

Thanks for any insight

Attractor_test.v4p (32.3 kB)

pretty well noticed.

i can’t explain why, but you are right.

I think there are too many polygons?

always use the Inspektor (VVVV) to see also the configuration pins.

enable the “draw slicewise” pin to get rid of your problem.

Thanks, draw slicewise helped like magic.
Herr Inspektor is a nice guy too.

if you are going for 2d only, you might consider using textures instead of 3d sphere (which have huge polygon count due to its roundness).
Best is taking PNG with included transparency. I took bmp because its in example folder. A quad for textures is just 2 polygons.

Attractor_test_pics.v4p (44.8 kB)

Yeah makes pretty much sense to
do it with textured quads. Learned again a bit.
In fact the quads perform much better the more
spreads involved, than the spheres. big plus
is that you can do any shape or transparency gradient
you want.
Now with png textured quads
i am having 10000 spreads at 30 fps and that is ok i think.
thanks for your quick help guys.