Crash with exported app

I just patched some stuff and exported it to an app. After exporting the program starts with an error message. I don’t have any errors while patching.
One thing that doesn’t work in the exported app only is the toogling of the render window captation from a name to an empty string (to get rid of the title bar.) It simply crashes when toggling back from blank to named without any further info.
Here’s the startup error:

Full detailed message is here: errorlog -

interface_v06.vl (117.0 KB)


Thanks. I’ve added a check to the VideoPlayer node - should no longer turn pink / cause crash in exported apps when playing audio only. Will be included in upcoming previews or you download 1.0.9 of VL.Video.MediaPlayer manually.

The error message is gone now, but the app still crashed when I tobble from named window to unnamed window. Ideas on that?


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