Crash windows 7 when i close vvvv

Is it normal that when i close vvvv from the appication bar in windows appear a windows with a crash report and then all the system is blocked…even task manager.
I’ using the ultimate beta version of vvvv on Windows 7 ultimate.
Anyone have the same problem?

I have had this problem on one show: a crash breaking DirectX and .Net install. At the beginning i was thinking more about a VVVV problem. Now what i m pretty sure because of a second crash it is the computer not stable. I had some pain to make a proper install also at the beginning.

What i will recommand with a w7 machine:
-be carefull when removings apps or version of .NET framework. There is a mismatch …
-be sure to be up to date with drivers

when vvvv crash under win 7 you have to ctrl+alt+supp and close session
because task manager, explorer and everything is freeeezed
but you can still run apps from the desktop
so put the attached .bat on a visible part of your desktop and run it
it’ll kill vvvv.exe (160 Bytes)

oh yeah… good job circuitb!!!

or just leave a unsaved notepad open while patching and when it freezes logoff, then cancel the logoff…

nice one sapo :)

@sapo: hum… could you be more explicit ?

ok :) sometimes when vvvv crashes it just freezes the windows interface, on (w7 64bit only maybe?). in this situation to get past the freeze and start working again, you can use the file provided below as described, or by pressing ctrl+alt+canc you can reboot the pc or logoff, but that will take time and will close anything open.
So another workaround is to keep a unsaved notepad document open, with something writen into it. Now if a bad crash/freeze happends, press ctrl+alt+canc, click logoff, a window will pop up asking you to save the notepad file, cancel that and window will back responsive and ready for vvvv again. indeed… unless something else really bad happend :)

Yeah. I suffer this too. way too used to crash vvvv on purpose for a fast close on XP.

The vvvv killer and the cancel log off are the way to go.

the freeze-crashes should be mostly gone with betas>25.1

wow, that could make me leave beta23 finally