Crash while connecting DX9Texture > Texture Split > HSL > Quad

Hi all!

I’m trying to render a texture with a ‘offscreen’ renderer and a dx9texture node. I want to ue this as an alpha mask for another quad that get’s rendered onscreen.

The script crashes as soon as I draw the last connection. It freezes my whole PC. Is this some kind of infinite loop I built?
Is there a better way for creating alphas? Basically I just want to place one image on top of another and then reveal the upper image with a custom alpha.


freezes my machine (2.0 kB)

hei pechart, the Texture (EX9.Texture Split) is not the right one to use for what you want to do. it returns the alpha value for each pixel in a texture.

please have a look at the video-effects-and-compositing-tutorials examples to learn how to use a texture as a mask for something else.


thanks for the fast response. I’ll check the tuts tomorrow, great.


That was exactly what I needed, works now, thanks!