Crash when adding the VL.IO.NDI dependency

Hi all

After installing VL.IO.NDI v0.2.1-alpha, gamma crash with the following messages when trying to add the NDI dependency to a blank patch:

In 2020.2.2: VL.IO.NDI-error-2020.2.2.log (48.8 KB)
in 2020.3.0-0056: VL.IO.NDI-error-2020.3.3-0056.log (83.1 KB)

When opening the examples in the help browser, the little dot, that turns into a cross next to the link to the example patch, turns into a rotating ring that never stops rotating.


yes, i also had a look at this recently. i could apply a fix that worked well but produces a huge memory leak which i couldn’t fix. i have the feeling something in vl changed in the meantime but couldn’t figure out what exactly

i would need to have a chat with @Elias at some point to fix this and then we can update this nuget

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Perhaps even have it work with stride

sure, i’m talking about stride only.

the message in the log says that the dependency to VL.Core is too old. could it be that the VL.Audio reference is too old too?

@tonfilm I didn’t download VAudio separately. Doesn’t nugets download their dependencies automatically?

yes, but VL.IO.NDI has a pretty old version linked…

ok, there’s 2 separate issues:

  1. old vl.core nuget and some assemblies aren’t in the outputdir (must be set to copy in properties)

  2. (what i was referring to)
    i made a second receiver, that receives a Sharpdx.Texture2d instead of an image, that could then be converted to stride.texture with (almost) no cost via FromNativeTexture

1 is trivial to fix and 2 needs some more tinkering


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