Crash Safety, Auto Restart Patch

I barely remember that there was either a discussion about it or someone uploaded even something. I wanted to check before making it.

A python backup program that monitors the vvvv process and if it is missing python would launch the .bat again. The python program could be shell executed from the vvvv patch.

Was there something like this already?

ah self-answer: remotersa

RemoterSA can monitor a process and restart it if it is missing. But how can I set vvvv do load a specific patch on vvvv.exe startup?

/o in vvvv.exe.config? I tried but didn’t work.


args.txt with /o command-line parameter works for me. As mentioned here: Commandline Parameters

thanks i made the python thing anyway. RemoterSA was not so applicable for this simple purpose

hope someone can use it