ok, i kind of like the hidden humour in all those details.

but i’d like to state my opinions about the “crack.exe” now.

*crack.exe playing sounds is COMPLETELY ANNOYING. i do NEVER EVER want this to happen when a client is watching me working.
*that scrolling crap in the titlebar is a little less annoying. a LITTLE less.
*wondering if anyone had problems with antivirus/spyware suites regarding the name

so what?
the funk?

pls grow up.
there is still lots of space for humour.

Now you mention it…

I fully agree, especially about the music :)


sorry boys
i totally disagree. i’m so thankful for crack.exe because it makes vvvv teaching a lot easier. no horrible embarrassing explainations anymore why this great software just won’t work on half of the computers. (which isnt your point, i know)

this great feature accombined with great humor…i just loved it, i don’t have to make silly jokes myself.

from a professionals point of view, i do not install vvvv in front of a customer because i never know what else is wrong with the machine and it can become a very awkward situation. therefore, music yeah, scrolling yeah :)

although, i have to admit i’m always in the lucky position to have the machines before showing the work.

mmmm, thinking about it, whats wrong showing this to a customer anyway ? either they laugh as well or are slightly irritated…so what. i wouldnt give a shit…

don’t care about if anybody else is irritated by scrolling or music.
it’s kinda funny, nerdy, ok.


since i’m often switching between different versions, the music does get annoying. and muting the machine each time is kinda cumbersome as well…

I think it’s funny, but very unprofessional. In additional, i think newcomers will be confused by it’s name. VVVV has very strange terminology, especially for new people, so if we rename crack.exe to something like install.exe it’s will be less confusing and more user friendly.

i don’t complain about the function of the the crack.exe

but the music: no go.

i thnk the music and the scrolling text are there to resemble a keygen. ence crack.exe… not needed but funny :)

the function is really usefull. i dont really have an opinion on the music or the graphics, but PLEASE could you rename it! Don’t really like having files named “crack” lying around, i tend to delete them straight away.

I liked it, made me laugh. If your clients can’t understand that you are working on a COMPUTER than there’s definetely a problem.

I really like the music. Last weekend we did a workshop and many people where installing vvvv right there. Was great to have a lot of midi magic going around