Crack.exe shows: Administrator required!


my friends try to install vvvv, but cannot run crack.exe.

double-click, right-click and select “run as administrator” shows same message:
Please try again with: rightclick on crack.exe -> Run as Administrator

I received screenshot, then I found there is no UAC mark on crack.exe icon.
Win7 64bit, beta31.2 x86. account has administrator authority.

is this Win7 settings? or something else?

i’ve seen this also recently. someone claimed there user has admin-rights but still this info popped up. they then tried an other user with even more admin rights (no idea…) and then it worked. so there seem to be different kinds of admins on windows. does anybody know more about this?

Here they talk about corrupted user profile, and some solutions are given.
I’ve never had this problem, though.


he resolved it by creating a new account.

There is also an kind of “hidden” Administrator.

I think windows tried to do something like the linux “sudo”.