Crack.exe of 32bit alphas not working

Cant start crack.exe of 32-bit alphas, back to 28.4.
64bit crack exe runs.

ok i c there has been some trouble with this.
the last 32bit alpha I can get to work is the last 28.3

needed it for new xml nodes, which are great!
But cause exceptions with “” strings.


if i use windows to extract the files from the zip file, x86/crack.exe crashes and x64/crack.exe works. if i use winrar to extract the files both work. what did you use?

yeah, experienced the same … you’ve to use winrar or 7zip the extract the archive otherwise crack.exe won’t work!

maybe it’s time for an installer. i think we had this several times… maybe it’s less time-consuming to script an installer than to answer the same questions again and again.

besides that, an installer would be a great step for beginners (and professionals running crack.exe in front of a client).

my 0.02 €