Crack exe. beta29

tried to install beta29_x86.
when running crack.exe vvvv asks for visual c++ runtime 2008 and runtime 2010. 2010 is installed. 2008 is red (missing).
i followed the web setup and installed vcredist_x86.exe
after the installation the quad for runtime 2008 in the crack window is still red.
guess it should jump to green.
something else to install or has it something to do with the service pack version of windows? i am using winxp.
thanks n cheers

if the vc++ 2008 setup said it installed correctly and all nodes you need work (except the pairwise node, which has a known issue in beta29) then i’d live with it.

oui, please try with latest alpha. that may require you to install something again but should then display correctly that it is installed.

please report.

Just updated from 28.1 to 29.2_x86 and VC++ 2008 is still claimed to be missing, after installing it. TTY Renderer reports no errors though, the patches I tested it with, seem to run fine. The Laptop in question runs W7 Ultimate SP1.

had something like that, removed all vcs and downloaded them again from links in crack

ok, so it seems there are cases where crack.exe does not correctly detect the presence of the required VC++ 2008 runtime packages. this is very odd, but as long it is not reproducable on one of our machines…hard to debug.

and everything seems to run anyway, sou…

Joreg, the solution in my case was:
I just found out that both web installers for C++ 2008 and C++ 2010 share the same filename. When you download them subsequently, the second installer gets renamed (1) at the end. I always assumed it to be downloaded twice and deleted it (always); a mistake leading to said error.