Cover art & illustrations competition for vvvv book in Japan

hello every vvvv lovers,

I would like to announce hold a competition of cover art & illustrations for new vvvv book!

Now I’m writing the book in Japanese. I have already asked cooperation to several persons.
Then, we need several graphics published in a book.

Please refer to lower information and upload your works/images/pictures here or send e-mail to me.
we (me, editor, designer) will choose 1 for cover art and 5-7 for illustration in the book.

outline of the book

  • title: vvvvook - vvvv programming guide for prototyping

  • the contents: this book is a practical guidebook of vvvv for beginners who want to start learning about media art, prototyping, and interactive design.

  • the author: Minoru Ito / Takuya Hoshi

  • publisher: BNN Inc. (

  • format: 257 x 182 mm, soft cover with jacket, 4 color

  • price: 3,400 Japanese yen + tax

the composition of the title:

** Chapter 1: Introduction - outline, examples, download & install, girlpower
** Chapter 2: vvvv basics - about programming, vvvv GUI, vvvv programming, tutorial (generative art)
** Chapter 3: Rapid prototyping - media, image processing, network, devices
** Chapter 4: Creating works - sound synchronized video, internet data visualization
** Chapter 5: Advanced topics - Shader, Plugin, etc.

(the contents may be changed)

about competition

  • deadline: December 22nd, 2013
  • format: image file (pdf, jpg, png, tiff, etc.) which generated/used with vvvv
  • resolution: 350dpi/CMYK or as high quality as possible
  • submit: upload here or send e-mail to minoru0218(at) (you can submit as many as you want)
  • judges: author(me), editor, designer of the book
  • winners: announce here.
  • prize: the book itself to cover art winner, pdf version to illustration winners.

for your reference, attached images are cover art of BNN’s programming guide book.
(processing, openframeworks, pure data)

if you have any question, please comment here.
we are looking forward to see your works!


I got e-mail from several users. but we need more…

two more weeks!

already competition was closed and vvvvook will be released soon.

about our vvvvook and competition results: