Counting pixels

hi there

probably a stupid question but I cant find the node that counts up the total sum of a value (for example changed pixels from trautner)

I need a total value that is getting bigger with every changing pixel

if anybody can tell me that?


+ (Value Spectral) ?

or Integral (Spreads) ?

thnx guys but thats not what I am looking or
I think I have to make myself more clear

the trautner freeframe effect gives a number of changed pixels.
I am searching for a node who counts up all those canged pixels.
I want the changed pixels to influence the speed of a playing movie. the more pixels change, the higher the speed gets.

I need a total number of changed pixels for the map node and a node who couts them to take a position between 0 and 1 in the movie

I will add my patch to this message, maybe you could have a look.

thanx a lot

greenhorst.v4p (15.4 kB)

Perhaps the Queue node can help you to store the value off every frame, and than you can count them up with what Kalle said.

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queue node helps but doesnt do the trick

I have to count up the total value of 1 input, it only has to count up untill eternity, and never count down.

but thnx anyway

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you mean an adder ? bang every frame added and spectral_add the result ?

smallest adder i think.v4p (5.1 kB)

thnx ggml but I dont understand your patch, how does it work?

I think I have to make myself clear one other time.
I have 1 output that gives a lot of values, these values have to be counted up, so if it gives:

in the first second: 2
in the second second: 5
in the third second: 8
etc. etc.

after three second the “counter” must have a sum of: 15

wait, maybe the counter does the job…

it does… a bit, it only counts up with 1, but it has to count up the original value…

hm anybody knows something?


yes.v4p (15.6 kB)

thnx ggml

I think this works!

thanx a lot!

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