Counter overflow

i am trying to make a counter feedback loop where the second overflow counter starts counting from where the first counter stopped. so thhe second over flow counters maximum would be the first counters counter minimum.

apart from the usual “insert a FrameDelay in the loop” tip -
what do you want to accomplish?

i have a spread of image filenames

the spread slice strings look like so

image1, image 2, image3, image4… imagen

in another spread i have values which designate filenames to dx9textures
the textures consist of a grid which contains the images

so for ex:

one texture may contain

image1, image2

and another

image3, image4

note the images can only be used once!

so the second spread looks like
2, 2, 3

meaning in this case
texture 1 contains image1,image 2
texture 2 contains image 3, image 4
texture 3 contains image5, image6 and image7

the number of textures varies by the count of the second spread.

so i would like to loop through the first spread containing all the filenames in such a way that will allow me to designate the images to the right textures properly… hopefully that makes since.

heres the patch! i tried to comment as much as possible. please help. thanks!

make_textures.rar (239.4 kB)

here is a simplier example

the loop counts from


but i want the loop to count from


so i can put slices
0-3 in a spread
4-5 in a spread
6-8 in a spread

i dont want to make seperate spreads… but i want there to be 3 outcomes…
make more sense?

counter example.v4p (14.7 kB)

like this ?

didn’t actually looked at ur path thourougly ;)

counter example2.v4p (17.8 kB)

havent yet checked u7s faster reply…

try this patch. let me introduce to you: the beauty of spreads: the spreaded I, Select in an helpful new way, the missing mosaic part Integral and starring good old Mod (Value).

time for a good tutorial i fear…

counter intuitive.v4p (12.2 kB)

no. i would like the output to be like this… except i cant use a stalone bc the values are always going to be different for the way i want to distribute the slices… thats why i have a seperate spread which has the distribution values in them. in the patch i attached the distrubtion spread would be

0: 3
1: 3
2: 3

which sums to the… the total number of strings in the string spread

but sometimes it may be


also the number of outcome spreads differs as well… it wil not always be 3. i just picked those numbers for testings reasons.

counter example3.v4p (5.4 kB)

oschatz that seems closer to what i need. ill have to play around a little.

hi oschatz i revisited your patch today. it seemed to have some excessive nodes which i deleted. perhaps you could explain why you included them? deleting had no effect on the ouput.

now i would like to use the filename slices from the output spread of 9 filename slices and make a cross/quad pattern for each but i am not sure how to get the slices… correctly… i would lke filenames slices 0-3 to make a ouput to the filetexture/quad… filenames 4-6… then 7-8. and i want them to alternate so i can output them as texture via the render ex9 ouput pin so i can store them for later reference. here is an example patch which includes comments… thanks!!! (220.3 kB)