Could the alpha downloads be on port 80?

I am sitting behind a pretty strict firewall and would like to download the latest alpha for testing but I can’t because it is on port 8111. would it be possible to change that port into something that is downloadable through a strict firewall, eg. port 80?

oui, please check again now.

could it be possible to do the same for fetching the binaries for building the sdk? Or is it maybe already and i only need to change the fetch-binaries script?

good point. i just fixed the script.

danke danke!

Is the server still on a custom port? Still getting error when trying to fetch binaries behind my stupid work firewall.

hm…can you access in a browser?

i can access the page through browser, but cant fetch binaries. could it be related to ssh port being firewalled?

I forgot to say that it finds matching binaries, so it has a connection to teamcity. After that it fails as in screenshot.

same problem here, even when not behind a restrictive firewall.

edit: i can download the binaries through a browser via teamcity though. just the script fails exactly like with ethermammouth

The NuGet server generated wrong URLs due to a missing server-side configuration setting. It should work now.

works now. thanks!

yep, fully working! Thanks Joreg & Elias!