Could not load file or assembly 'SlimDX.dll'

Pentium 4 3,6 GHz -

Crack.exe -> all ok


[11:29:29.312](11:29:29.312) everything you know is wrong
[11:29:29.312](11:29:29.312) creating SplashScreen
[11:29:29.328](11:29:29.328) Adding lib\thirdparty to PATH.
[11:29:29.328](11:29:29.328) creating GClock
[11:29:29.359](11:29:29.359) creating GMainloop
[11:29:29.359](11:29:29.359) creating GLog
[11:29:29.359](11:29:29.359) creating GApplication
[11:29:29.359](11:29:29.359) creating GGlobals
[11:29:29.359](11:29:29.359) creating GNodeFactory
[11:29:29.359](11:29:29.359) creating Gex9Base
[11:29:29.359](11:29:29.359) Direct3D initialized.
[11:29:29.390](11:29:29.390) ExceptionDialog is disabled. Start vvvv with /showexceptions to enable it.
[11:29:29.437](11:29:29.437) enumeratig Game Devices...
[11:29:29.437](11:29:29.437) found Game Devices: 
[11:29:29.437](11:29:29.437) enumerating Midi Input Ports...
[11:29:29.437](11:29:29.437) found Midi Input Ports: 
[11:29:29.437](11:29:29.437) enumerating Midi Output Ports...
[11:29:29.437](11:29:29.437) found Midi Output Ports: "Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth"
[11:29:29.453](11:29:29.453) enumeratig TAPI Devices...
[11:29:29.453](11:29:29.453) found TAPI devices: 
[11:29:29.453](11:29:29.453) enumeratig Audio Renderer Devices...
[11:29:29.468](11:29:29.468) found Audio Renderer Devices: "Realtek HD Audio output","CyberLink Audio Renderer","Default DirectSound Device","Default WaveOut Device","DirectSound: Realtek HD Audio output"
[11:29:29.468](11:29:29.468) enumeratig Midi Renderer Devices...
[11:29:29.468](11:29:29.468) found Midi Renderer Devices: "Default MidiOut Device","Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth"
[11:29:29.468](11:29:29.468) enumeratig External Renderer Devices...
[11:29:29.468](11:29:29.468) found External Renderer Devices: 
[11:29:29.468](11:29:29.468) enumeratig Audio Input Devices...
[11:29:29.468](11:29:29.468) found Audio Input Devices: "Realtek HD Audio input"
[11:29:29.484](11:29:29.484) enumeratig Video Input Devices...
[11:29:29.484](11:29:29.484) found Video Input Devices: 
[11:29:29.515](11:29:29.515) creating MainForm
[11:29:29.546](11:29:29.546) creating AddonHost
[11:29:29.921](11:29:29.921) vvvv caused error during startup: Could not load file or assembly 'SlimDX.dll' or one of its dependencies. Diese Anwendung konnte nicht gestartet werden, weil die Anwenungskonfiguration nicht korrekt ist. Zur Problembehebung sollten Sie die Anwendung neu installieren. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800736B1)

this one again?

does it help installing the visual c++ 2010 runtime?

sadly no… no text …

hhhm i installed slimdx feb 2010 ‘by hand’ and now it vvvvorks…

how did you unpack vvvv? with 7zip?

unpacking of course was done using 7zip.

it’s my “already unpacked” folder located on our company’s file server,
which i tend to copy onto each temporary machine,
do the common procedure (dotnet4, ~blub, ~bla ),
run crack.exe,…

for sure you know what i mean.

did that procedure previously on some machines without problems.

only difference on this “old” machine:

i installed everything,
ran crack.exe,
ooops, indeed DirectX 9.0c was missing (i didn’t expect that)
so DirectX has been the last item to be installed.


however; no problem for me anymore.

ai kalle, not sure now if i follow correctly:

  • it started to work for you after you installed slimdx manually
  • but only after that you found out that dx9c was missing?

for joreg

i installed in this sequence:

crack.exe -> ooops, no directX on that machine
*directx 9.0c
crack.exe -> all green ; vvvv not starting up ; see logstartup

then i installed slimdx feb 2010

now all is fine :)

hmkay…then let us just classify this as “odd” and go on…