CopyCatChallenge: Attractors

Hello all

I built this Lorenz Attractor in vvvv/VL:

Like always, I won’t tell you how it works, but challenge you to rebuild it. I reckon it’s clearer when built in C# and then draw in vvvv. The only illegal node here is the LorenzAttractor node, you should build that yourself!

If you’ve not seen anything like this before, see this as your gentle introduction to Chaos Theory

Extended version:
Build some more Attractors!

This one for example:

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c# wise one could pretty much make a copycat of mr. shiffman‘s code.

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Yep true!

Or this:

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Ha wow nice @bjoern I didn’t know that!

and here is my directcompute implementation of the lorenz attractor in dx11.particles :)

Ah! It seems you’re late at the party this time, @dominikKoller, uh?
What you gonna say now, mister fancy ferns?

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Gotta learn something new everyday ;)

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