Copycat Challenge #4

Hi vvvv heads!

For today’s copycat challenge, let’s go to the great Bees&Bombs (check out his work if you don’t know it already, it’s a trip!)

Same rules as usual: reproduce the original as faithfully as possible without looking at the source code (if available). Post your result here, as a gif and patch.

The motion should be a bit easier to figure out than the previous ones so try to get the looks right as well! ;)

Source: Bees & Bombs — cube wave

Good luck!

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ccc4.v4p (40.9 KB)

I’ve tried to tweak your patch to get closer and I’m starting to suspect that it’s not a sine (or cosine) after all…

jap, looks like the distribution is different towards the corners.

here another approach, less nodes

ccc4_1.v4p (29.1 KB)

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