Copycat challenge #2

Hi everyone!

Since last week, I’ve been learning vvvv from scratch, directly from the source. Thanks Joreg and all the vvvv team!

Here’s a little game I like to play when learning a creative coding language: take an interesting geometric animation and try to replicate it in code. I call this the Easy Copycat Game (there is a Hard Copycat Game, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves :D )

For today’s challenge, how about we start with a classic MrDiv loop?

Try to get as close as possible to the original and post your results here! The best ones will win infinite admiration and eternal bragging rights ;)


More MrDiv magic:


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here a version without correct rotation… you figure that out yourself. :)

CopyChallange2.v4p (44.1 kB)

cool topic!

Maybe this could end up in something like daily/weekly speedpatching?

Its very common for illustrator & 3d Artist User Groups to create artwork to a set topic & given time. Quick and dirty practice. feedback. pretty much the main reason im still on facebook.

or a help patch challenge / challenge for next demo patch

Here’s one that’s parameterised, with a nice reusable subpatch.
keeping an eye on patching style saves time! ;)
CopyCat Challenge (10.5 KB)

yo dawg, i copied the copycat.

@dominikKoller did it the way i would have done it, so i played a bit and made the cubes keep their relations automatically and added another animation…

CopyCopyCat.7z (6.2 KB)

you all lose because you forgot to enable anti-aliasing…


@sebl nice!

@tonfilm in the first renderpass, aa is enabled, just on 1 bc my graphics card won’t allow more - is it important in the second (we’re just rendering a texture, so what’s there to be antialiased)?

have’t checked the setting, but it looks edgy. sphere resolution is only 6, then that might be the reason… texture -> fullscreenquad can also lose quality.

dominik version also used Line EX9 that has that dynamictexture thing for Antialias

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