Copycat Challange #3

hi everybody,

I want to pick up on @sableRaph great idea and challenge you to recreate this gif in vvvv!
good luck and have fun :D

more info (only if you need hints):

  • the original code is written by me in Processing
  • the idea is from the book “The Nature of Code” by Daniel Shiffman
  • chapter 3 ;)

Does that count?


Hmm, interesting, I don’t seem to be able to get that nice swing back and forth you got there. I’ll try a bit more, at the moment it looks like this:

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This challenge was a good opportunity for me to look into the new VL, so I’ve patched a little Rope.
It’s got some bugs still, but it’s fun.

Try it! (10.3 KB)


Dominik First one wins

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plain vvvv45

ccc3.v4p (19.3 KB)

Sorry no Alpha no Rekorder.
LineCCC.v4p (31.7 KB)

More sleep, more rekorder, fewer nodes.

LineCCC.v4p (31.1 KB)

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you have the book, don’t you? ;)

supercool, by the way

Haha I knew I was going for an overkill ;)

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