Copy pasting/creating VL plugins: The node evaluator was not found

Happens on Beta 40-9 Preview quite often, right-clicking the node still jumps to the correct definition the original node also points to.


Creating the same node from the node browser also results in this. I don’t know if it needs the bug to be initially caused by the Copy/Pasting first, or if it would also have happened from the NodeBrowser right away at this point …

Restarting vvvv resolves this temporarily, haven’t found a pattern yet.

Ok, this happened at least 3-4 times since I posted this, which makes it quite regularly and annoying because it can only be resolved by restarting vvvv.
I’m happy to assist with the debugging, I’m just clueless here.

On this very last occurence just now I can safely say that I wasn’t editing a VL document throughout the session.

edit: just copy pasted a subpatch that holds a couple vl nodes:

Thanks, I found a way to reproduce. Will report back once fixed.

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Will be fixed in upcoming builds (>= 40.0.0-16)

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