Copy/paste colors

A small cool little feature for VL (but could be nice in VVVV too): Copy/Paste Color.

Copy a Color from another soft or from a Color Palette in Hexadecimal (the simplest way to copy a color, it’s just one value)
Double-click a Color IOBox in VVVV/VL, then Ctl+V.
Should work with or without the #, either #FF0000 or FF0000…

color ioboxes in latest vl alphas already support this. you can enter colors in either format:

  • x00000000
  • #00000000
  • H:0.0 S:0.0 V:0.0 A:0.0
  • R:0.0 G:0.0 B:0.0 A:0.0

Just tried it, it’s really nice.

In Adobe Color, Photoshop or C4d, the format is 000000

Could be useful to support this format too.

But adding x at the beginning when pasting is pretty fast too.


oui, latest alphas now support plain hex without prefix. also the color is immediately visible while changing it.

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and just because: you can now also enter colors via their names.

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