Copy help

Hi All

I’m new to vvvv and it looks great but i’m hoping for a little help with copy and pasting patches. If i control c/v the patch duplicates so any values in one changes when i change the other copy, This also happens when i control D. Am i missing something, I would like to be able to copy a patch i created but use it with new values as it’s own entity.

I’ve gone through the manual but must of missed something. Any advise would be much appreciated.


welcome will, please read this: subpatches
then come back and let us know if you still need help.


Thanks for the response, I’ve had a look through the sub patch reading and am still stuck with the copy and paste.

It doesn’t matter what i do if i copy and paste i can not get the copy to have different settings, It always mirrors the parameters of the original.

I was hoping to be able to copy a sub patch such as mesh editor and use it twice giving them different values in the same vvvv. Even if i rebuild the patch from scratch it uses some of the same modules and these mirror.

Am i missing something very basic. I thought copying and pasting a sub patch would make the new sub patch a completely individual item.

Thanks for the Help

yes. as the subpatches documentation badly explains between the lines (if at all) multiple instances of patches are all exactly the same. the only way you can individualize them is by closing them (ie. hiding them to nodes via Alt+3) and setting their inputs individually.

so of course you can create to copies of the PointEditor node and feed it with different inputs and it will return different outputs.

what you seem to want to to is: open a module, SaveAs under a different name. now you can start from a copy and modify it. since the modules now have different names they are completely individual items.