Copy and paste between patches?

Sorry if this topic has come up before, I did a search and didn’t find anything. Is it possible to copy objects from one patch to another patch? It seems like such a basic thing, yet for some reason I’m unable to do it. It might just be on my end, but that would also be useful to know!


for sure it is possible. press middle mousebutton and see all options and shortcuts in the edit-menu.

it may be that you have to search your pasted nodes afterwards in the patch because they keep the coordinates from the original patch.

ah hah! Thanks! I can’t believe it was that simple. For some reason I just assumed it would paste it in the active part of the window. I’m growing to love vvvv

not exacly regarding the same issue but close ,
just a little experience i had :
i have noticed that when doing the multiprocesor trick and running 2 instances of vvvv you can not copy paste from one to another
i thought that nodes were copied as text like in a word editor that you can jump from one app to another doing copy paste .