Coords of transformed vertices

I’m trying to create trails originating from the vertices of a moving mesh. is there a way to track the coordinates in space of the vertices of a mesh?

thanks to everybody.

With Mesh (EX9.Geometry) Split you may access every single Vertex. but perhaps is BoundingBox (EX9.Geometry) Mesh the better choice for you.

thanks kalle.
I tried Mesh(EX.Geometry)Split but it seems to output the coordinates of the untransformed mesh. Here’s the patch I.m trying to build.
thanks again.

trails.v4p (6.6 kB)

ApplyTransform (Transform) Vector is your friend i think.

applytrails.v4p (7.2 kB)

Well, that’s the the thing I was searching for!
Many thanks Kalle.

This method doesn’t seems really spreadable…If yes, how??..I’m missing something here…please help!

should be a bit closer now, but taking care of indices is missing.

somehow BinSize seems to be the keyword.
and the use of IOBox (Node) to aplly BinSizes to Transformations. i made a tutorial for this, can be found at User Tutorials

applytrails.v4p (9.3 kB)

Ok, i’m not very familiar with bin sizes…seems to work but still a bit buggy!

Well, you have the transform off the origional Mesh, so I just used GetMatrix, a Queue and a SetMatrix to produce a trail.

MatrixTrails.v4p (12.9 kB)


i totally forgot the line has a transform input!!!

sometimes i hate you :)

perhaps you also find a simpler solution here:

Tx guys, both methods are good…but one or two more questions :
Why in this case can we see lines appearing chaoticly when moving view inside the object…and why flickering when using exactly the top view?

applytrails_perlin.v4p (19.6 kB)